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Fire Safety FAQs

Answers To Your Questions


Where are the fire stations located?

We have 2 stations. Station 1 is located in the Village of Mowrystown at 50 Maple Street, we share a building with the Village administrators. Station 2 is located in Sugar Tree Ridge (Concord Township) we are directly behind the old elementary school and across from the Concord Township building.

Do you have members on station?

SHJFD is a volunteer department, this means that although we do not have staff on station 24/7, we have committed volunteers that work hard on being available for any needs.

I’d like to volunteer - what do I need to do?

GREAT! We welcome all that are interested. Contact us to request an application. Once the application is returned we can continue with the interview and approval process!

Do you pay for training?

SHJFD is committed to providing all members with adequate training. Ensuring fire and emergency medicine trained professionals are a part of our team.

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